Our technical design & development team work together with the major Intruder Alarm system manufacturers and distributors to provide a wide range of options for your security system that will be the best solution for your individual premises. We work along with our customers in Basingstoke to ensure we design a system that will fulfil your specific requirements as well as giving you the most effective technology available, including:


Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring by our approved Alarm Receiving Centres gives you the assurance that you have a superior level of protection for your premises as well as prompt communication in the event of a fault or an alarm activation. We fit a range of communication devices and can work in line with your individual needs as well as any insurance requirements to provide the most secure and effective connection to our control centres.

Our Alarm Receiving Centres operate 24/7, 365 days a year and as an approved alarm installer we can liaise with the relevant local authority to enable emergency response for confirmed activations of intruder alarms, panic alarms and fire alarms.

App Control

  • Monitor your alarm from wherever you are in the world

  • Geofencing capabilities

  • Biometric login

  • Voice notifications of alerts

  • Detailed event log

  • Fast and simple arming and disarming of the system

  • Available for both iOS and Android

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Proximity Readers

Internal and external proximity tag readers to set or unset the system

Will also work as set or unset controllers

Can be used with proximity tags or cards

A simple and convenient way to allow multiple users to set and unset a system away from the main control panel


4K 48x Starlight+ IR WizMind Network PTZ Camera

  • 2 dual element pyroelectric sensors

  • 1 X-band DRO based microwave

  • 15m PIR detection range

  • 1-15m adjustable microwave detection

  • Anti-masking detection 0-1m

  • Adjustable mask detection

  • Separate relay outputs for each detector

  • Selectable EOL (End Of Line) resistors

  • Selectable TMD or Tricover Anti-Blocking Technology

  • Digital Temperature Compensation

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